Manuel Capetillo Villaseñor , built Hotel Villa Hermitage 1880, at the end of the 18th century, he was ex-president of Chapala bullfighter and wealthy landowner. The three-story villa was known as “Casa Capetillo”. Villa Hermitage 1880 has exchanged hands throughout its time, including the prominent González Luna family of Guadalajara.


Víctor González Luna, who was the owner of the farm, a notary by profession and originally from Guadalajara, fate united him with the film diva, Elizabeth Taylor, when they both attended the funeral of a mutual friend. The man from Guadalajara gave the farewell speech for his good friend and the actress was shocked by Victor's excellent oratory and demeanor, therefore, she wanted to meet him.


And that's how a romance between a Mexican and the beautiful Hollywood actress began; Those who knew them as a couple, narrate that it was common to see them in the city of Guadalajara or walking through in Chapala Lake in the house of González Luna, now Villa Hermitage 1880. Everything was going smoothly and it was formalized to such a degree that González Luna surprised the actress with an engagement ring. However, Liz Taylor returned the ring and ended her relationship with the man from Guadalajara, because Richard Burton became ill and she decided to be close to her ex-husband, who had once confessed that Taylor was the love of his life.


After years of neglect, the house was remodeled; currently it is a place that offers rooms and also includes extended stays s. Renowned Villa Hermitage 1880 continues to protect corners that fall in love with its own essence; it combines rest, elegance and history with a view of the largest lake in Mexico, with the best sunset, in the heart of Chapala lake.

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